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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

What I've been up to...

Hello friends,how are we? 

It's now June...just stop for a minute and let that sink in...halfway through the year already! Wowzerrrrrrs. Time has absolutely flown by.

My last post was in February,which was pretty much the start of the year so bit by bit I'm going to fill you in with what I've been up to over the last few months. 

At the end of 2014, I looked back on the year and I felt that I hadn't really done much or been to many places and had nothing to tell anyone about. So I was out to make 2015 much better and so far it has been just that. I hope to for it to continue and that I have a well fulfilled year. 

My trip to Brighton...
At the start of March my boyfriend and I decided to go to Brighton for a few days. After speaking about it a few times we finally decided to book train and hotel tickets. They were very cheap which was great and after arriving I found it was relatively easy to get to, my boyfriend would clarify that I'm rubbish at getting to pretty much anywhere, but even I didn't find it all that confusing. 
We were both quite excited as it was our first trip away together :)

It didn't take too long to get there and we'd already booked a restaurant for the evening,so we had a few hours to chill out before we went for dinner. We dumped our bags in the hotel room and went for a walk along the pier and took some typical touristy photos. Haha.
We then went back to room for a bit,which had THE smallest bathroom that we could just about both fit in,which as quite funny. For our meal we went to a place called Smokeys and we really enjoyed it, it was an American barbecue type place. I would like to go there again. 

The next day was our full day,so we had more time to have a look around. We took another walk along the pier,just because we could and then when we went off to have a look through The Lanes, which is loads of little lanes and alleyways full of shops and cafes. So went to have a look and do some shopping and being a chocolate lover of course had to stop off at Choccywoccydoodah....mmmmm. Best Hot Chocolate I have ever had. A bold statement, I know. 

If I was going to go again I would like to go for a bit longer so we could fit more things in as we weren't there for very long so didn't get to do that much and the weather was quite miserable,but that aside we both had really good time and want to go back at some point. 

Treats at Choccywoccydoodah.

The most delicious Hot Chocolate.

Me and my love, look how happy we are to be in Brighton.

Classic seafront pic.

Hope you enjoyed this, more to come soon...



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