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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Katie Piper - An Inspiration

Ever since I heard about Katie's story, I have followed her life very closely as I could not quite believe what this poor woman was having to going through. Katie Piper has well and truly come out the other side and is an absolute inspiration to not just victims of what she went through but to everyone. 

If you are unaware, in 2008 Katie Piper was attacked with acid that was thrown in her face,this was an evil scheme plotted by her boyfriend. He had a a dodgy background that Katie didn't know anything about,he'd previously served a jail sentence for throwing boiling water in another mans face. Katie wasn't too keen on him and was planning to end the short relationship anyway. Lynch as he is known also raped and beat Katie shortly before the acid attack, and kept her hostage for eight hours in the hotel they were due to stay in.
‘The blood from my head wound was everywhere – on the bed, on the carpets, on the bathroom tiles"

Katie feared for her life and didn't tell the police and didn't tell anyone exactly what had happened. Days later Lynch bombarded Katie with apologies and sent her an email. Katie had to go to an Internet cafe to read it as she had no Internet connection, on her walk to the cafe was when dreaded attack happened and Katie's life was changed forever.

Katie could have let this absolutely destroy her and for a while it did emotionally and physically. She will never forget such an ordeal, but Katie is now doing amazingly well in moving forward with her life and leaving what she can in the past. 
Katie Piper was an aspiring model and TV presenter before the attack. Now Katie is an amazing role model that many people look up to and rely on to help them cope especially if they have been in similar situations to Katie.
Katie has started to carve a brilliant career in TV and as an author and has been awarded A Pride of Britain Award and has previously been voted Woman of the Year. Both very well deserved.

Katie set up The Katie Piper Foundation in 2009 and says "the vision is a world where scars do not limit a persons function,social inclusion or sense of well-being" (http://www.katiepiperfoundation.org.uk/meet-katie/

I believe Katie is a massive inspiration to everyone and I will continue to look up to her as a very inspirational and strong woman. It just shows how you can come back from being so low and wanting to give up, but not being defeated, changing your life, and moving onto bigger and better things. 

"You never know what being strong is until being strong is your only choice" .

Demi x

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