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Monday, 18 March 2019

Popping That Bubble

We all know where our bubble starts and ends, it's just how we feel about popping that bubble, and if you hadn't guessed by now, by bubble, I mean comfort zone. Something we all battle with or have done, more maybe than others but its there. It can be scary, yet, could lead to something you couldn't believe would happen if you hadn't of just gone for it. 

For me it is a constant battle. I can feel brave for about 20 seconds and then back out and 9 times out of 10 stick with what I know, this could be anything from what I order in a restaurant, although I think I have got a lot more ambitious on that front, to thinking yeah I'll do that long 3 hour drive that I've never done before and just jump in the car with other people and just drive...I think not. Whereas there are people I know who will do just that no problem, and this is where the size of different peoples bubbles come in to play. 

It can be good to pop the bubble, but its the fear that holds us back, the what ifs? The what ifs can be good though, its just taking that risk. Sometimes it takes someone else to push you and instil that confidence in you for you to think, why not? But getting to that conclusion yourself is often hard. You can be perfectly happy doing the same things day in and day out,don't get me wrong. However even if its the slightest adjustment and you inch yourself slowly towards a new challenge, it counts. It could be one thing you do in your whole life, or you could never want change, some people thrive on it and some people love knowing what they know, liking what they like and thats all they need. 

It can be long term decisions like taking the plunge to start a new career from something its all you've ever known or a now or never situation. Everyone is different, some people need the push, I know I often do, or I can psych myself up, do something crazy (like cook?!) and shock everyone, myself included. 

Its ongoing.

Its ok to pop the bubble and to not, don't ever let anyone, or anything pressure you to make choices you are not ok with.




  1. Love this!! Needed to read this right now ❤️

  2. Great post full of wonderful advice.
    Thank you for sharing with us.


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