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Monday, 2 February 2015

Busy...but good busy.

Hello Everyone :)

'Busy but good busy' / 'Time flies when you're having fun' - This is basically the reason for lack of blog posts. I have been so busy it's ridiculous well it is for me as I'm never that busy haha. 

It's typical that I have left my blog so long and not written anything, when I have had the busiest month ever with so much to write about! I don't understand why I have done this either.

Moving on.

So since my last post, one thing that has happened is that I am in a new relationship and I'm very happy, I don't want to say too much as I want to keep it private, but it is going very well and I'm so glad I/we decided to go for it .

I have FINALLY booked my driving test! If I didn't book it soon,I would have never have done it. It's been a about a month since I booked it and I booked it 3 months in advance so I still have plenty of time until the day, so at the moment it's just about going over everything and making sure I can still do it all properly and to a passable level! EEEEK. All my friends passed 1st or 2nd time, so no pressure.

In the new year two things I have started doing is writing letters and drinking green tea. I have always quite liked the idea of writing letters and in my new diary (I never use them,but am determined to stick with this one ALL year, so far,so good) on the 13th January it said 'Send a letter Day' so  I did...and I sent it to my Nan. I got a reply soon after and now we are 3 letters in and it's going well! I love receiving it in the post, and looking forward to it each week. The Green Tea, I like tea and I have always thought about trying Green Tea but never really bothered. I thought well it's still tea and it's not a very 'out there' one so it can't be too bad, and it's meant to be good for you. So I did it, I went and got some green tea, doesn't look great but doesn't actually taste too bad,I think I'm used to the taste now.

My current dilemma is deciding between finding a new general/full time job,a media job (as Print Based Media is what I did at College) or going to Uni. AHHHHHHHHH. 
So much to look at, information overload. 

It feels so good to be writing this again, I still have plenty to say but you will have to wait till next time...

Lots of Love
Demi x

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