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Monday, 10 November 2014

Mini Life Catch Up

Hi Everyone!
There are some new people following which is exciting , so hello to you :)
Today's post is just going to be a catch up style one .
So recently I have decided that I would like to create a Scrapbook for memories and stuff, you get the idea. I want to create something really amazing so that I have something worth looking back through,when I'm older. Obviously I will be adding to it as I go through life,so I suppose it could be seen as a diary in a way too. I really want to put a lot of effort in to this and make it an exciting project to do. 
Has anyone done one before?

In a previous post I mentioned wanting to start exercising and tone up and....I have!
I mean I haven't necessarily seen any defining results,but I have come up with a little routine that I have managed to do 1-2 times a week for the last month, nothing that intense but it's a start! So hopefully I might be able to see some changes soon providing I keep it up (she says eating a jam doughnut)
Abs by Saturday? Yeah sure...

I was lucky enough to to get a chance to see the poppies at The Tower of London. So amazing. When you look at them in real life it just hits you and you just think "Wow" I really felt the impact and you can get more of an idea of how many soldiers we lost fighting as each poppy represents one of them.

Lest We Forget.

Each time I post I might add a little thing like this at the end
This one sums me up perfectly...

Thanks for reading!
Love Demi 

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