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Friday, 19 June 2015

6 Things I'm happy about this week

Not my own image, but I love this little saying.

I just want to share a few things that have happened in the past week that I am grateful and happy for.


1 - I have drunk lots of water, and not just this week either, in general I drink it a lot more than I used to,quite often I will go for water and not anything fizzy,which is good obviously. So I'm happy that I've started doing this,without even realising really. I just used to think it was so plain and tasteless (which it is) but I drink it because I enjoy my food so much I don't want to bloat myself,and not be able to eat my meal. I don't crave fizzy drinks anywhere near as much as I used too.

2 - I had lots of photos on my phone of recent events,that I kept looking at and thought I should get them printed out,and not have them just stuck on my phone/Facebook/Instagram but have a physical copy of them. So that is what I did,I got two of each so there is some for me,some for others. I've put one in a frame on my bedside table, now to decide where to put the rest. Photos add a personal touch to a room,so mine has quite a few :)

3 - My holiday for September is paid off,I just owe my boyfriend a little bit now. It's me,him and our friends Sarah and Chris,we're going to Spain for a week, on the 13th, 3 days after my birthday...not a bad birthday present is it? First holiday without parents, oooooooooooooohyeah.

4- I have managed to keep my room tidy for over two weeks (well I haven't actually been counting) as in - I haven't let clothes build up all over the place,I've not cluttered my desk with crap basically, and have put things back where they come from after using them. Clear room,clear mind...it's a thing right? Well that's what I'm going with anyway.

5 - I have managed to put a little bit of money aside this month which is quite difficult for me as I don't have a very big income, I said I would put some money in a pot each week and I've stuck to it. I don't quite know what I'm saving for, it's sort of a mix - just general savings/ a car / money towards my holiday. I just hope I can stick to it!

6- During the week it was my driving test and my 6 month anniversary with James - on the same day. Currently James is in Australia so we couldn't do anything,which was a bit meh,but nothing we could do about it. To add to that I failed my test, so it wasn't a great day for me,buuuuut then when I got home I went upstairs to find a parcel on my bed. So I opened it and in the box was a bunch of flowers, a good luck card, and a balloon with 'I Love You' on it. How sweet :') I didn't suspect a thing, it was such a nice surprise after what had happened. I've never got flowers and surprise things before so I was really happy,and he'd planned it before he even went away which was nearly two weeks ago,so sneaky :P and I know you'll being reading this James, thank you, I love you loads <3

So there we have it, six things that made me happy this week.

What are you happy about?


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