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Monday, 8 April 2019

This part of Growing Up

I don't mean Growing Up in the sense of maturing, because I definitely still have my immature moments..ahem, moving on.

I mean losing your friends. The accessibility of your friends in particular. At school you saw them everyday, every single day. Now I'm lucky if I see them once every two months, such a contrast. We are all still the best of friends and nothing changes our friendship, but I often miss how it was.

The sleepovers every other weekend, the trips to the beach or park pretty much everyday in the summer holidays, oh how I miss you summer holidays. If you still have them now and you're reading this, make the most of them.  

It was just so easy. 

Now it is a full on military mission of navigating through however many sets of work rotas to come up with a single day or even morning or afternoon. I appreciate those times so much now as we don't get them as often as we like. It cannot be helped though, this is just life and this is what happens. 

I'm lucky in the sense that my friends don't live a million miles away and are still relativity close by. Please don't any of you ever move to Australia.
Nottingham is far enough.

This is just the beginning  though, god knows what'll happen when/if  we have kids, get married, new jobs and our lives progress.

Although you can be near and far I know I can always count on you.
We've been through it all together, and I wouldn't have wanted anyone else by my side.

Pizza will always be our passion, drinking sessions, pretending to be lesbians so creepy guys don't hit on us, and watching Friends on repeat.

Its true love.

Demi x

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  1. Yes, I totally feel you! Adulting is hard. Everyone has different plans and it's suddenly such a puzzle to even just arrange a time when everyone's free!

    Rhianna x


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