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Wednesday, 24 April 2019


Change can be good.
It can be the making of you, to change an element in your daily grind of life, but what one? 

I have a friend who has had on going battles with anxiety, unemployment, low confidence for years, and its taken a long time but she is in such a good place now, I actually feel inspired. She is living proof that no matter what, you can and you will come out stronger the other side. Despite her troubles, she has managed to move away from friends and family and take on a multitude of new challenges.

What I'm trying to say is, that where you are now, is not your be all and end all. Whether that is your job, where you live or something else. Things can change, if you want them to. 
I talk about stepping out of your comfort zone in a previous post 
I personally get so attached to things without even realising. I know I'm not alone in thinking that when we have a bad day at work, we want to quit, but can I actually imagine that? Not really. Jobs I have left in the past have been because I needed to, but if I hadn't, I could definitely still be in them. 

Just because you leave somewhere in your life, it doesn't always mean it's gone forever. I look at people who just up and leave and think how are you doing that?! People who go from event to event without thinking twice. Crazy fools.

The friend I mentioned at the start, I recently met up with and for once I thought maybe I could change in the future and it's not bad at all. 

Basically I think I have some attachment issues.

Demi x

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  1. The unknown can be a bit scary. Yet you didn't know if you were going to die when you rode your first roller coaster. You didn't know you were going to like writing a blog for the first time. You didn't know a lot of stuff till you tried it.

    So though changes can be scary you can also choose to have it feel exhilarating. The Feeling is all in your thoughts. Embrace the change and see what wonderful world is out there on the other side.


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