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Friday, 14 August 2015

A few days away in Wiltshire with James and his family :)

On Sunday the 9th August my boyfriend James and I along with James' mum, went up to Steeple Ashton in Wiltshire to visit their family. It normally takes about 3-4 hours to get there by car, but on this occasion it took 5 hours (poor James' mum) we only stopped off for about half an hour on the way there for something to eat and a toilet break!

We arrived at about 3 and were greeted by James' Grandad and cackling laugh from his Auntie Deb inside... we could hear her before we even saw her haha. 
Not long after we arrived and had sorted out our bags and duvets and pillows, we enjoyed a lovely Pork Roast Dinner, it was just what we needed after the long journey.
That evening James and I were babysitting James' 2 and half year old cousin Grace. The two older cousins were not there unfortunately,so I was unable to meet them.
Toddlers are energetic! We did bring sweets round, but decided that she was hyper enough so kept them for ourselves, hehe. It was so much fun spending time with Grace, she kept us entertained right up until her parents returned, and then went off to bed with no fuss.

The next day we (me,James,James' Grandad and Mum) all went for lunch at a pub called The Brewery Inn in Seend, Cleeve, in Wiltshire. It was a small pub, as are all the pubs around there, small but filled with local friendly people who create a welcoming atmosphere. I had a lovely lasagne, it was quite a varied menu considering it was quite a small place. After we'd filled our bellies we drove to Caen Hill Locks and had a little walk around, I'd never actually been to any Locks so was quite intrigued as to what happened with the all the boats they had there, definitely don't think I could hack living on a boat. 

Later on in the evening James and I went for a walk around the local area by his Grandads house as James wanted show me around. After a short walk we went back for something to eat. Once we'd eaten we went back out as James suggested catching the sunset,and we did which was really lovely. We finished the night with a few drinks at the local pub. 

The area James' Grandad lives in is really peaceful and calm. It's one of those village areas where everyone knows each other. Everyone we met were so welcoming and friendly. I felt like I'd stepped into Emmerdale haha, minus the drama.
It was so nice to get away from everything for a few days, and spend some time together.

Thanks for reading,
Demi x
Us being cute.

Pretty countryside.

Don't need to explain...
At Caen Hill Locks.

Pretty sun setting.


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