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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

A Day in my Life - 05.08.2015

I often think about doing a day in the life post but always think that it won't be interesting and it's not worth writing about, but I thought I'd do one this week as I've had a relatively productive day... although they are not massive tasks, I got done what I needed to and that's always good.

First things first, I went for my run as part of the Couch to 5K programme. I am on week 2 after successfully completing week 1 wahooooooo! So this means the time you run for has slightly increased which makes it more difficult, but I managed it. The overall aim is to work your way up to running 5K comfortably and I'm determined to complete it, it goes on for 9 weeks I believe, providing I keep up with it I should be a little bit fitter for my holiday.

After my run I went into town with my Sister and met my boyfriend too as he was already there, and we all had lunch together at a Wetherspoons. I tried to go for something big as we didn't have much in for dinner, so needed something to fill me up and it's worked, still not that hungry and I last ate about 6 hours ago. The actual reason for going into town was to get my dads birthday present as it's his birthday tomorrow and we'd only got cards so far.. and we still were not very successful - sorry Dad! Hopefully you enjoy your meal and aren't too down about the lack of presents your 'extremely thoughtful' daughters have got you...

Once I got in from town, I sorted through all of my emails- they just mount up so quickly! I feel much better now that they are all cleared and my inbox says 0.

One very important email I received was from GoThinkBig and it was giving me the opportunity to apply for work experience at a well known magazine which is something I've been looking for,for so long, so I was really happy about that and spent ages on my application so am keeping everything crossed than I get accepted for it. Wish me luck!

Just thought I'd try something different today, I hope you don't mind,

Thanks for reading,

Demi x

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