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Monday, 27 July 2015

Thoughts lately...

What have you been up to people ask? Work is my answer, work work and more work.

I work in a clothes shop,which is currently holding it's biggest sale ever. It has been extremely busy and everyone has been non-stop. The queues on the first two days were longer than I have ever seen them and I have been working there over a year...they were worse than Christmas! It's like people had never seen clothes before, stupidly busy. So everyone has been helping out putting in extra hours. Unfortunately head office have cut lots of hours,which obviously isn't good for anyone. My contracted hours have still remained the same,but I rely on the extra hours a lot and won't have half as much overtime now. So now, I think it's time for me to start looking for a new job...

Soon I have my driving test coming up and I am so so desperate to pass! This will be my 3rd attempt. In my lessons I am fine, and the lesson you have before the test I'm fine, it's just the test itself I've not been as good,hence the fails. Me and my instructor may actually have a full on crying session this time round with either me passing or failing. I feel like I have been learning forever and to fail and do it again, and again and now a third time is rather frustrating,but you have got to keep at it. I am so used to my instructor that when someone else is there instead of her I think I freak out a little bit,because I haven't got her reassurance. So she has suggested taking a mock test (eeeek) or having my boyfriend or someone sit in on my lessons so that I get used to someone else being there, I think I prefer the second option. Also my instructor has suggested eating a banana before I take my test, as many of her other learners have and they have passed...I didn't eat one on the other two tests,so on this one I am going to even though I don't really like them, if I do it and pass, it'll be hilarious :')

My holiday is fast approaching,yay!! It's August this weekend,and I go in September, so it really isn't long. It's all paid for, we just need to sort out insurance,how we're getting to and from the airport and I need to get some euros before I spend all my money! If I change it up, I can't spend it. I'm pretty much sorted with clothes, don't need to go too mad shopping as we're only going for a week,and when we get back it's going to be nearing Winter (ish) so I won't be able to wear much of it,so it'd be a waste. I would quite like to get my own suitcase but it's not vital, I'm sure someone has one I can use if I don't get round to buying one.
I've mentioned it before, but I've never been on holiday on my own before (as in no parents) so it's a little daunting trying to sort all this stuff out. My boyfriend is very with it when it comes to this sort of thing, so I know I'm in good hands!  Exciting!!! :)

So those are the things on my mind at the moment,just felt I needed to unload a little bit.

Thanks for reading,
Demi x


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