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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Getting fit!

So, I have been exercising...yes you heard correctly the girl who never exercises has decided to do so - Why?

In all honesty I have never really been bothered by exercising or getting fit,it crosses my mind occasionally but never that much that I want to do anything about it. I'm quite petite anyway wearing size 8-10 clothes, I'm happy at this size so often don't feel the need to go all out on exercise as I'm happy the way I am. I'm not the healthiest eater on the planet but I do try (not that hard) to keep an eye on what foods I put into my body,more so now than I've ever done before.
Although, you try and take chocolate away from me,you have a battle on your hands.

So the main reason I have started to add some exercise into my life is to get myself toned. I'm happy with what I have,I just want it to be less... jiggly. (Bum and things,I'm talking to you).

Later this year I am going on holiday for the first time in about 6/7 years, and I thought this would be a good thing to aim to get fit-ish for. The last time I went away I was 13,so wasn't really that bothered about what I looked like on a beach,but this time round I will be more into what clothes I wear and how I look in bikinis etc, as I'm older and you obviously feel different about things from 13 -20. I'm not overall that bothered about what I do look like but I thought this would be a good incentive to help me make the little changes I would like, to my body.

So how am I doing it?

On YouTube,I have found a channel run by Lucy Wyndham-Read and have been really enjoying her workouts, they are shorts videos that usually combine 2 high intensity exercises that you alternate between and do it from about 5-7 minutes,so I may do 2-3 of them in a session. Alongside that I recently purchased Charlotte Crosby's workout DVD and just looking at her transformation on the front makes me want put in my DVD player and do it. I also really enjoy swimming and living locally to a pool helps. At the moment I'm only doing about half an hours worth of exercise, but will be gradually building it up. So with those three activities combined, I should be as fit as anything by September!

I'll keep you updated...

Thanks for reading,

Demi x


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