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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Trying to be healthy!

So let me state some facts.

I probably have vegetables once a week,
It is rare you will see me with fruit
It is also rare to see me drinking water
It is basically a given that you will never see me doing exercise.

I want to change this.

I have quite a small frame so I am not trying to lose weight as that would be unhealthy the opposite of what I am aiming to achieve.

I have always just brushed away the thought of doing exercise ,I like the idea but never ever do it. I used to think (maybe selfishly?) "Oh I'm small anyway I don't need to do anything". However now I realise that I do want to exercise to tone my body,not to lose weight.

I have started by doing some bike rides and swimming a couple of times a week. (This is only week two of the whole healthy thing,so not much has happened yet!) but I really do want to keep this routine up. Over time I would like to change up what I do but for now this is just fine. I really want to become stronger as well; not like body builder Jodie Marsh style - just fitter and stronger as I am quite a weakling I must admit. I've always liked the idea of yoga,I think it is a very me exercise ,nothing too instense, more gentle and relaxing.

I have slacked a little bit the last few days,but for 7 days straight I only drank water and fruit drinks, nothing fizzy, which for me is an achievement. I really got used to it and didn't feel like I wanted anything fizzy. I also wasn't wanting chocolate as much and that is very very unusual. I had a chocolate bar left on my desk for a whole week until I actually decided to eat it!

So at the moment I am being just that little bit more conscious of what I'm eating and drinking. It's not too bad, you just need to stick with it and persevere! If I can do it,you definitely can!

If you have any exercises you think I should try or healthy snacks and foods to try ,do not hesitate to help me out, it would be highly appreciated.

One thing though - I WILL NEVER GIVE UP MY CHOCOLATE. That is all :)

I hope you enjoyed this post,

Lots of Love,

Demi x


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