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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Another Chatty Post.

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Today's post will be another chatty one as I get back into a blogging schedule,I hope you don't mind!

As I said in my last post,I was pretty much working all weekend,bit depressing as I had no time for anything else but I was just thinking about that extra money! I have already earnt over what I earnt in total last month,and this month isn't even over yet!  So I'm pretty happy.

I did get to go out Monday though,it was my friend Megan's 18th ,she had been in London all day celebrating with her boyfriend James,then they met us in the pub in the evening for a few more birthday drinks! Megan and James had to leave early-ish as they were flying to Benidorm the next day -not jealous in the slightest,honestly! Just ask James...
So once they had left, me and my friend Sarah weren't quite ready to leave so we decided to clubbing till about half 2 in the morning,it was a fun night and very tiring apparently as I didn't wake up until 1:45 the next day...

For the rest of that day I didn't really do much apart from some theory practice ,which I really want to knuckle down and get studying for,so I can hopefully pass first time!

So today all I have done is a driving lesson and I kept putting the car into 1st Gear when I was meant to be putting it into 3rd so it kept making a horrible noise lol - oops!

Tomorrow I get to meet my cousins baby girl properly for the first time,she's the cutest thing I have ever seen! I can't wait :) :) :) :)

I am about to fill out the 'List amusement parks,carnivals and fairs to go to' page in my Future Listography book. I have had it for ages and have ever got round to filling any of it in,now that time has come! 

(Something has happened to my Bloglovin...basically there is nothing there :/ so I need try and sort it out as it was looking quite good. I thought I'd see if my last post had gone up and I can't see any posts at all! Help!)

Thanks for reading,

Lots of Love



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