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Monday, 10 February 2014

The day I went to Camden Market!

Well I said I would do a blog post on Camden and I have actually done it!

When me and my boyfriend arranged to go,I thought to myself   "I could do a blog post on this"  because it would be something substantial to write about rather than just babbling on about nothing.
However I hadn't really decided so I didn't take my camera with me...well finding it might be a good start.

So my boyfriend has been to Camden quite a few times and always says I should go with him and I would always say yes, but we never got round to it, until last week.

All I had heard was the word 'Market' and that was it. I couldn't even think how it would be laid out or anything. I had no idea , so I just went a long and waited to see with my own eyes, without Googling or anything..well I did briefly but it didn't really show me anything,so I still didn't really know what it would be like. I thought well Otis (Le Boyfriend) goes a lot,says it's great and he's asked me to come with him , so it must be pretty good!

Just think...hundreds of stalls/shops/stands and loads of food - Wohooo!
It has a really relaxed feel to so that you can walk around at your own pace having a browse. Lots of shops selling bits and bobs and I love all that knick-knacky stuff so I really enjoyed it! I stopped off for some Chinese food which was very tasty, and Otis had some pizza ( boring ;D ) .

There was a little food stall doing deep-fried Mars Bars something I have wanted to try for ages,but we ended up not going back to that particular area so we didn't get one - but next time we DEFINITELY will try one! I actually had a Nutella filled Crepe instead which was yummy.

I have a few images of the day but not of the actual market....haha!

I would like thank Otis for taking me,I really enjoyed it and will definitely go again and would recommended it as somewhere to go for a day out and something different.
This a badge from a little cafe type thing that did some amazing chocolatey treats! But I only had a cup of tea from here haha.
2 things that Otis bought me (not actually from the market though,ha!)
A notebook for the future and a cute little scrunchie.

Yes I have Intsagrammed the (whatever you wanna say) out of it,but this is the Scrunchie in use.

Hope you enjoyed this!

                                                                       Love Demi




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