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Friday, 31 May 2019


So...May absolutely flew by!
What a busy month...2 birthdays and a hen do, how exciting!

I started off the month by celebrating my sisters 19th birthday. My plan was to surprise her with climbing the O2, not remembering if she was ok with heights or not, I'd booked it anyway.  Oops.

It started off as just me and her, then my mum mentioned that she really wanted to do it so then it was the three of us. Then my sister not knowing any of this was happening had said she was going to look at doing it with her girlfriend, so I was like we'll invite her too and she can add to the surprise too, so the whole idea went really well. We had a great day, eating, drinking and having a laugh. That climb though is not as easy as it looks.
We were so lucky with the weather, you could see for miles, so that was a bonus.

The next birthday was my boyfriend's, and we went to Alton Towers, which is a massive theme park. I'd never been before and neither had he, so it was nice that we could experience something new together. It's about a 3-4 hour car journey for us. So we decided to go up the night before the day  we'd actually booked our tickets for, so that we didn't have to do that long journey in the morning, meaning we would of had to have left at about 6am..no thank you. So we just booked a hotel near to the park, so we could just drive over in the morning.
So whilst we were there we stayed on site in one of their little lodges, The Enchanted Forest/Village to be exact, which was really cute.

I think we must have picked the perfect time of year to go, we literally had to queue for nothing which was amazing! It's always the fear for me that you're going to waste half of your day queueing,but we didn't and we got to go on each ride about 3 times which I thought was really good.  It was really nice to just be us, and enjoy each others company.

We ate in their Rollercoaster Restaurant, which when James had said he'd booked it for dinner I was like, really? Thinking it would be really gimmicky and overloaded with kids, and it'd be loud and way too much for me. However it was actually pretty cool, we got there at about 5 because we were so hungry and I think we timed it perfectly as it was pretty quiet and we got our food really quickly, and I was actually really impressed. Considering the food comes down on rollercoaster tracks on like a little cart thing it was pretty good.
Also I have never done so much walking in my life, Alton Towers is MASSIVE. My legs actually gave up and I did much to James's amusement,fall over and proceeded to cry because I'm a child.

Finally it was part one of my besties hen do, its getting very real now! Only a few months to go. So she held a what I would call a family friendly hen do.
It was lovely, it was a Gin and Tonic themed Afternoon Tea. Lush.
It was held at a place called Mad Hatters which is Alice in Wonderland themed, which is so cute. I've been a few times before and they just do the most amazing food and flavoured teas, Strawberries and Cream being a personal favourite.
I had such a nice time, and it has just made me even more excited for the big day.

Happy times!

Thank you for reading :) 

Demi x


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